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Distance Sales Agreement

Article 1

Parties and Subject:

This contract is signed between the person who buys foodstuffs electronically from the website of Mama Bowl (hereinafter referred to as the BUYER) and 'Caferağa, Keresteci Aziz Sk. Regarding the shopping between the seller IBOWL Restaurant Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as Mama Bowl), located at the address 27A, 34710 Kadıköy/İstanbul, Türkiye'', the product sales and delivery conditions made within the scope of the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts and the rights and obligations of the parties are determined.

Buyer, Mama Bowl's name, title, full address, telephone and other access information, if any, basic characteristics of the meal packages published on the website, sales price including all taxes, payment method and delivery conditions, duration of the contract and all preliminary information regarding the package subject to sale. He/she accepts and declares that he/she has been informed by the seller clearly, clearly and in accordance with the internet environment, that he/she has confirmed this preliminary information in electronic environment and then ordered the goods.

Mama Bowl's website records, preliminary information on and an invoicing made to order by the buyer are integral parts of the contract.

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Article 2

Contract Date and Effectiveness:

The Buyer places its orders electronically, with or without registration, by registering on the website. The contract is created at the prices of that day when the Buyer places an order. Although the contract has been established, if the Buyer makes the payment for the order he has created after signing the contract and after the Mama Bowl price increase after its establishment, the price of the products that the customer has created will be adjusted according to the new pricing. The buyer is obliged to pay according to the new prices. The contract content created when the order is opened will be considered fully valid except for the prices. By making the payment, the buyer will be deemed to have accepted the new prices and the contract will enter into force after the payment. In order for the contract to enter into force and to start the delivery of the selected product package, the Buyer must have paid the package price in full. The contract automatically terminates with the delivery of Mama Bowl under the contractual final order package contract conditions. Mama Bowl accepts that it has the right and authority to increase the price until the buyer makes his own payment within the framework of the economic and commercial conditions developed after the establishment of the contract.

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Article 3

Food Products Order Packages:

Mama Bowl delivers the order packages (Product) of the food purchased by the buyer to the addresses of its customers.

Mama Bowl is not responsible for any health problems the Buyer may encounter, such as illness or food allergies.

Article 4

Price and Payment Terms:

The product price is the price announced on the website of Mama Bowl on the effective date of the contract after the full payment of the order placed according to the order package type chosen by the Buyer.

Mama Bowl has the right to change product prices at any time. If the buyer re-orders after the end of the contract, the current tariff will be valid.

The price is only for the products purchased by the Buyer and their delivery.

Payments are made online by credit card via the web.

Prices for all products are indicated on Mama Bowl's website

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Article 5

Delivery of Products:

Mama Bowl packages are delivered to the address specified by the Buyer in certain districts published on the website within the boundaries of Istanbul/Kadıköy Caferağa district. The product is delivered on the day the buyer chooses electronically, the day following the full payment of the product price. In cases where the Buyer does not cancel his order, the delivery is made on the same day as the first delivery within the following day, unless it is changed by the Buyer, and the price of the product is fully charged to the Buyer's credit card within 1 business day after this delivery.

Mama Bowl will e-mail all arrangements and order process information to the Buyer. Transactions without confirmation information are the responsibility of the Buyer. The buyer is responsible for checking the notifications that Mama Bowl will make via e-mail regarding the arrangements made in the system and order information, and to request corrections if there are errors.

Deliveries are made on all days of the year the restaurant is open, as indicated on Mama Bowl's website Mama Bowl has the right to not provide service on certain days for compulsory reasons such as maintenance of production units, provided that it informs its customers. In case seasonal conditions such as heavy snowfall hinder transportation, Mama Bowl has the right to delay the delivery until this situation disappears. The Buyer accepts and undertakes in advance that he will not make any demands or complaints for such reasons.

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The order package, for which Mama Bowl payment has been made, is obliged to receive it by the Buyer against the delivery note and signature. By signing the delivery note, the buyer is deemed to have received the meals in the package completely. In case of missing material/s, a report must be attached to the delivery person. If the Buyer declares that he will not take delivery of the package and will not sign the waybill, the responsibility will belong to the Buyer. In this case, the buyer is deemed to have received the meals in the package completely.

If the delivery person is unable to reach the Buyer or the person authorized by the Buyer to receive the package within the Buyer's designated time frame and address, the order package will be returned to the MamaBowl headquarters after a 5-minute waiting period. Packages returned to Mama Bowl due to the Buyer's absence at the delivery address are kept in healthy conditions at the Mama Bowl center, ready for the Buyer to receive them within 1 hour of the said day. The Buyer may request that the order package be delivered to the address specified during the day by paying an additional delivery fee. The price of the additional delivery fee will vary according to the address to be given by the Buyer, this price can be requested by the Buyer from Mama Bowl Customer Services. Mama Bowl is not responsible for the preservation of packages not received within this period. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he will be deemed to have received the package in such cases and that he will not make any claims to Mama Bowl for this reason. Packages not received on the same day will be destroyed.

The buyer is responsible for possible delays in delivery no later than 30 minutes after the end of the delivery time zone. is obliged to notify Mama Bowl within Otherwise, Mama Bowl will not be responsible for any delay in delivery.

If the delivery and billing addresses are different, the Buyer has to notify Mama Bowl at the time of order. The invoice will be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address of the Buyer, since the company is within the scope of e-invoice.

In case of any problems such as missing products in the packages, dents in the packages or open packages, the Buyer is obliged to keep a report on this issue to the delivery person. Problems that can be noticed after the delivery of the package, should be reported by the Buyer to Mama Bowl's 0216 330 07 05 Service Line within 1 hour of the delivery of the order package on the same day, at the latest, and the Buyer should return the problematic product to the Mama Bowl center by his own means or with the delivery person the next day. should send. In such cases, if the Mama Bowl teams determine that the problem in the product is caused by the Mama Bowl during the examination to be made in such cases, a new product package will be delivered to the Buyer at any address within the service area on the same day, if possible.

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Article 6

Storage and Consumption of Products:

Mama Bowl products are prepared in healthy and special health conditions, using daily fresh foods without the use of protective additives, and packaged as cold or hot chain according to the type of product in order to minimize the formation of bacteria. It is the Buyer's responsibility to maintain the cold or hot chain of Mama Bowl meals delivered in cold or hot chain depending on the type of product after delivery. Otherwise, Mama Bowl is not responsible for any problems that may arise.

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Article 7

Postponement of Use, Transfer of Right, Change of Address:

The process of delivering the foodstuffs, in which Mama Bowl operates, by taking them to the address given by the Buyer within the framework of regular deliveries, is excluded from the scope of the right of withdrawal and the obligation to inform the consumer due to its nature. Pursuant to Article 2 (3) a of the Regulation on Distance Contracts, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette dated 06.03.2011 and numbered 27866, Article 8 of the Regulation specifically regulates the right of withdrawal, Articles 5, 6, 7 and the first of Article 9 clause; It does not apply to contracts regarding the delivery of foodstuffs, beverages or other daily consumption items to the consumer's residence or workplace within the framework of the seller's regular deliveries.

In accordance with legal regulations, it is not possible to withdraw from this contract, which is related to the delivery of foodstuffs by taking them to the address given by the Buyer within the framework of regular deliveries.

The Buyer shall make his requests electronically by logging into the website with a user name and password and obtain approval.

If the buyer does not receive a response within 15 minutes to his requests sent via e-mail, he should forward his request to the Customer Representatives on Mama Bowl's 0216 330 07 05 Service Line, in case the e-mail has not reached Mama Bowl due to a technical problem. Mama Bowl is not responsible for meeting Buyer requests that are not received for technical reasons.

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Article 8

Termination of Contract:

The order placed on the website can be canceled or changed free of charge by the Buyer, up to 15 minutes from the time the order was placed. Since the supply and packaging of the materials in the orders will start after the specified period, cancellations and changes cannot be accepted. However, if the Buyer has a conditional discount on the packages he has purchased, in the event that the Buyer refuses to receive the products, renounces the contract, or unilaterally terminates the contract without a justifiable reason, the cost of the days he has used will be recalculated according to our prices determined in Article 4, and the amount paid. The difference between the amount and the calculated amount will be determined to be reflected to the customer.

The costs of the undelivered products that have not entered the production line will be calculated because the customer has given up/refrained from taking delivery or terminated the contract unilaterally; From this price, first the calculated discount difference amount, if any, explained in the above paragraph, and then 30% deduction will be made and the remaining portion will be returned to the customer. By signing this contract, the customer accepts this clause unconditionally and unconditionally.

If the Buyer refuses to receive the products, renounces the contract or unilaterally terminates the contract, if it is based on a valid reason originating from Mama Bowl, the customer's discount will be deemed intact and the price of the remaining packages that have not entered the production line will be returned to the customer without any deduction.

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Article 9

Contract Changes:

Mama Bowl has the right to change the terms of the contract. In such a case, all of the changes will be published on the “ ” website and will be valid for orders and purchases made after the changes.

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Article 10


Mama Bowl undertakes that it will not share any information it has obtained about the Buyer under this contract with any person or institution and will not use the acts it has undertaken under this contract outside the scope of performance. The items covering this information are detailed in the "Privacy and Cookie Policy" section of the 'Site'.

The credit card information of the Buyer, which is sent to the bank where the transaction is made and used for obtaining authorization, is not seen, monitored or recorded by Mama Bowl in any way.

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Article 11

Evidence Agreement and Competent Court:

In case of disputes that may arise from this contract and its implementation, electronic records, commercial books, documents and records of Mama Bowl, including those in magnetic media such as computer, telephone, voice recording, constitute conclusive evidence. Consumer Arbitration Committees, Istanbul Consumer Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes within monetary limits.

IBOWL Restaurant Limited Company Istanbul Turkey

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