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Our story

The story starts in 2020, when two French guys (Kevin & Tom) decided to open their own kitchen in Kadıköy. Together with Yağmur (coolest chef in town), they created a new concept to implement their values. At Mamabowl, we combine  in a bowl  the best of Turkey and Europe. For this, we use  high quality Italian cheeses, French style sauces and the best products from Antakya.  But what is even more important for us is to operate the business with strong values in terms of health and ecology. Because some of you fear that health does not go along with pleasure, we are trying our best to provide a tasty and fulfilling experience. And of course, everything is handmade with love !

Our philosophy is not to be perfect, but to improve a little bit every day. Although we don’t have a restaurant, you can pick-up your order at our kitchen and say hi to the team.

See you soon !

The Mama Bowl family

Official presentation of the members


Don't be scared, although he has tattoos and he practices Thai boxin, Kevin is always calm and welcoming ! He grew up in Paris but he fell in love with...Kadıköy.

Kevin was a project manager so you can be sure everything is well organized at Mama Bowl. You can talk in Turkish or Chinese to him, and most importantly, he knows the best spots to camp in Turkey




    Yağmur is young but she is a really talented Chef, I mean, have you tried her Chocalmond pie ? No ? Ok, So you can't understand YET. Anyway, if you do love her food please tell her, it always makes her so happy :) Yağmur loves to listen to deep electro while she's cooking, but don't worry she is able to dance and cook at the same time.

      & General Director


      Tom grew up in a small town in the north of France, he discovered Istanbul during Erasmus in 2012 and decided to settle in Kadıköy. Tom is a really skeptical person so be prepared with fact checking on everything you say.

      Although he loves profound talks about how Burrata is made and black holes, he's not yet able to express himself in Turkish, so be patient.




        October 2020

        The idea

        Kevin & Tom start to work on the concept of Mama Bowl, searching the best suppliers and recipes

        March 2021

        The shop is found

        We found our Kitchen atelier in the heart of Kadıköy. After some renovations, we would be ready to cook.

        April 2021

        Yağmur joins the adventure

        The team gets bigger and the kitchen is finished.

        July 2021

        Open to public

        It's time to communicate about Mama Bowl concept :)



        Shortly after opening our kitchen, this beautiful street cat felt really attracted by our cheeses. He decided to stay with us during the opening hours. He spends his time making sure nobody is too stressed.

          Chief Happiness Manager

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